Three Magazine Spreads
For this project I used one image and the short story Three Days by Amanda Hunt to create three different magazine styles.  

At its core, this short story expresses our powerlessness in the face of death. In the beginning, Beatrice, the main character, learns that her mother took her father off life support without asking her. Throughout the story, we watch as Beatrice tries to come to terms with being left out of this decision. In the final scene of this story, Beatrice stands on a sheet of ice helpless as she watches her horse drown. The story concludes as, “Beatrice dips her hand inside the hole, into a land that is already lost”. I believe Beatrice's decision to lay on the ice and pet her dead horse shows her coming to terms with the lack of power she has over death and reflects her letting go of the blame she places on her mother. 

Although the final scene shows a horse drowning I felt that it could be seen as a metaphor for how Beatrice is finally able to surrender to death. I wanted to create a scene showing Beatrice sinking in the freezing water without making an effort to swim, fully surrendering to the things she has no power over. 
Conservative Spread
sophisticated spread
Hip/Teen Spread

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